About (Updated 5-3-15)

Philosophy Organization is the philosophy organization for undergraduate students at the University of South Florida, Tampa campus. The organization exists to provide students with the chance to discuss a wide variety of philosophical topics. Our mission is to encourage networking, communication, and thought within the area of philosophy. Students of all majors are welcome to attend meetings and become members.

Our constitution is available here.

How to Join

All enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at the University of South Florida, Tampa campus may become members. Associate memberships are open to USF faculty, staff, alumni / alumnae, and USF students who are enrolled at other campuses. Associate members can attend and participate at meetings and events but do not have all the rights and privileges of regular members (e.g., associate members cannot vote on matters of business or in elections).

In order to join Philosophy Organization or rejoin with the new system, BullSync, visit www.usf.edu/BullSync and log in with your NetID credentials. Fill out a profile if you haven’t already. Click on “Browse Organizations” and search or browse for Philosophy Organization. Click on the organization’s name and then on the “Join Now” button on the next screen in order to request to join.

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